Red Gum Black Powder Chemicals Kit

$65.77 /kit

The Red Gum Black Powder Kit contains the chemicals you need to hand-make lift and burst quality black powder.

There are enough chemicals included to make about 12 lbs. of high quality black powder. No ball milling required, yet it is powerful enough for most fireworks applications.

The only other thing you need is some denatured alcohol, several screens for granulating, sizing and mixing and a blade-type coffee mill (get it cheap at Walmart) for milling your chemicals before mixing. Be sure and read the brief instructions for making this type of BP.

Each kit contains:
- Potassium Nitrate, 9 pounds (#CH5304) 
- Sulfur, 2 pounds (#CH8315) 
- Airfloat Charcoal, 2 pounds (#CH8068) 
- Red Gum, 1/8th pound, (#CH8230)

Important: This is the kit for you if you don't have a ball mill yet, and want to hand-mix your black powder. If you already have a ball mill, you should buy the Black Powder Chemicals Kit (for ball milling) instead.

Be sure you have the right screens for granulating the right sizes of black powder for your needs. A 4-mesh screen will make your lift powder. Smaller granules can be used for burst and prime.

Click here to read the Red Gum Black Powder instructions.


Part #KT0702

Kit makes 12 pounds of black powder.