How To Make Black Powder Quickly and Easily

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If you want to learn to make high quality black powder (also called gunpowder), Skylighter has everything you need. This is a resource page to help you find whatever you need to make black powder.

There are several good books on making black powder, and a ball mill project book. Milling makes the best black powder/gunpowder.

There are also several Skylighter Fireworks Tips Newsletter articles on black powder topics that you will find useful.

Skylighter carries the three chemicals used in making black powder:
- Potassium nitrate
- Charcoal
- Sulfur

Although there are many formulas that can be used to make black powder, the "Waltham Abbey" black powder formula below is considered the standard by most black powder makers today. The percentages shown are by weight. Do not try to measure chemicals for black powder by volume. Always use a good scale.

- Potassium nitrate: 75%
- Charcoal: 15%
- Sulfur: 10%

Books for Making Black Powder

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Chemicals for Making Black Powder

Black powder is made from three chemicals:

Free Black Powder Tips and Project Plans

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