“Twisted” Fireworks Rockets

Okay, this is way cool!

Imagine lighting one of these of at your Fourth of July family gathering.

Easy to put together too. You just need some wire, a couple of rocket drivers and two rocket sticks.

If you're even half as good as me, you can knock one out in 5-10 minutes.

...Especially if you already have the rocket motors on hand.

How to Make Your Own Caduceus Rocket

Here's how you can make them quick and easy.

Start with a 3/4-inch ID x 7.5-inch long rocket tube (#TU1062, #TU1068). Cut it in half, giving you two 3.75-Inch long tubes.

Place one of the 3.75-inch tubes on your 1 pound, end-burner rocket tooling.

Ram an increment of clay, then several increments of ball-milled black powder until the tube is filled within 1/2 inch of the end of the tube. Finish off this rocket with a final increment of clay to form the top bulkhead.

You'll need 2 of these short rocket engines (or "drivers") for each Caduceus Rocket you make. And trust me, you will not be satisfied with just one–they are too much fun!

In the video, you can see that thin steel wire is used to connect two sticks to make a small "t" shape. The leg of the "t" serves as the tail for guidance. The cross of the "t" serves as a platform for attaching the drivers.

Lay the drivers out as shown in the video above then secure them solidly using wire as shown.

Fuse the drivers by running a length of Fast Yellow Visco fuse from one driver's nozzle to the other and securing each with tape. Finally add a length of standard visco to the center of the fast fuse. This will provide time to retreat to a safe location.

If you make these, show us! Tell us all about your variation of Caduceus rockets, and include a link to your YouTube or other video.

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