Copper Chloride Blue Colored Flames

First, remember that copper chloride will corrode most metals. Dissolve enough copper chloride in hot water in a glass or plastic (never metal) container until no more will dissolve (a supersaturated solution). Drop some wood chips, pinecones, hunks of wood, or wood objects into the chemical solution and let them soak for one to two days. After they've soaked, take them out, let them dry outdoors (toxic fumes--never dry them indoors), and toss them in the fire for a beautiful colored fire.

Another method is to dunk the wood chunks in melted paraffin wax. Then sprinkle the dry firework chemicals on the wet wax. Or you can do both: soak them in the copper chloride solution AND coat them in melted paraffin trick, adding dry chemicals last. You can also jazz them up, by sprinkling some of Skylighter’s flake titanium on the wet wax as well to make white sparkles in your colored fire.

Finally, there's one more way to color your flames blue: Just spread copper chloride all over your fire. Use about a pound of copper chloride on a campfire that's 3-5 feet in diameter. The fire will immediately turn blue, and will continue to burn that way for 5-15 minutes. Do not use this method indoors or in any enclosed area, as the gas is noxious.

Materials Needed
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