Making Uniformly Sized Round Firework Stars

If you have ever seen a really high quality color-changing spherical artillery shell, you may have noticed that the firework stars all seem to change colors at exactly the same time. The firework stars can actually look as if they are "blinking" on and off. The technique is to roll the firework stars up to a certain precise size before adding the dark changing relay or the next color. And to do this you must use some sort of firework star sizing screen. Firework star sizing screens are not measured in mesh sizes, as with most screens, but rather by the size of each hole in the screen. They are more expensive than regular screens, because they are made of extremely heavy gauge stainless steel in order to be able to hold the heavy weights of the firework stars. If you are rolling firework stars or plan to, try sizing your firework stars and watch your artillery shells improve.

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