Fireworks Making Problems

3,272 People Responded to Our Latest Fireworks Survey

…And the Results Might Surprise You

We recently contacted over 3,272 fireworks fans to ask them this important question:

What is the #1 reason you are not making fireworks at this time.

The responses came pouring in (big thanks to everybody that gave us your feedback!)

Here’s Some Good News!

Most, if not all of those problems can be solved.  In fact, in just a moment I’m going to give you some answers that should really excite you if you’ve ever thought about creating your own pyrotechnic masterpieces.

I'll be giving you some more information over the next couple of days, but right now, I want to address the Top 10 concerns raised by our survey.

1 ) No Manufacturing License: Did you know that it is completely legal federally to make all the fireworks you want for your own, personal use? Well the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF) says you can. Tomorrow we'll send you a copy of the letter from the ATF which gives you permission to make your own fireworks without a federal license.

2 ) No Fireworks Storage Magazine: Tomorrow we’ll show you how you can quickly and inexpensively make a magazine that meets all ATF regulations. Be on the look out for an email from us in the near future.

3 ) Lack Fireworks Making Knowledge: This used to be one of the hardest, longest, and most expensive hurdles to overcome.  This is where Turbo Pyro comes in, and fast!  We’ll show you how to compress a year of learning into just two days.

4 ) Can’t Test Fireworks: When you make fireworks, you need to be able to fire and test them.  This may be less of a problem than you thought.  Can you already shoot consumer fireworks on your property?  If so, that’s good news for you.  Stay tuned.

5 ) No Legal Facility to Make Fireworks: Here’s a a true classic. This is Harry Gilliam's ATF-approved (honest!) manufacturing facility. No joke. You just need a safe location away from people and structures to work. It does not need to be a big undertaking as you can see below.

Yep, an old picnic table behind Harry's house is an ATF approved facility.  We’ll show you how to easily, simply, and inexpensively comply with ATF regs pertaining to fireworks manufacturing.

6 ) Legal Danger and Risk? Well sometimes it’s real. Sometimes it is not.  You’ll learn how to figure out what your actual risks are.  And guess what?  The “man” is not out to git you.  And try this on for size:  you can not only get yourself legal. But you can actually have law enforcement agencies coming to you for advice and help in fireworks matters.

7 ) High Start-Up Costs: Many people spend $1,000 – $1,500 just to get started making fireworks.  Soon, I’m going to show you how you can learn to make all the major types of fireworks for less than $250.

8 ) Not Enough Time: Suppose you could whack your learning curve from a year or more to 2 days?  Would you believe that you can make 90 fireworks, from scratch, in 2 days?  You can.

9 ) Physical Danger/Risk: This is real.  It is a part of the process of making and handling pyrotechnics.  And it’s largely up to you.  You’ll get first hand information shortly from several of the world’s top fireworks makers on how to manufacture and use fireworks and survive.  If you have never made fireworks before, you definitely need to know what you’re getting into before you start.

10) Legalities of Making Fireworks Where You Live: In some places it’s legal.  In others, it’s not. Either way, you need to know, before you start making fireworks.  You’ll get tips on how to find out exactly what’s legal in your area.

Keep an eye on your e-mail inbox for more...

-Mike Gerson

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Skylighter - November 23, 2018

@Ken King: We couldn’t agree more. Making fireworks legally is so easy, there is just no reason to risk it any other way!

Skylighter - November 23, 2018

@john childs: The law is very clear here if you want to transport fireworks on public highways you need to get licensed to do so.

What a lot of people don’t know is, it’s an amazingly simple process. Fill out the form (provide in the next email) send it. There is no “test” no school you must attend, its a shall-issue permit which means unless you’re disqualified (ie: you’re a violent felon, not a citizen, etc) you’ll get it.

john childs - November 23, 2018

After making your fireworks can you transport them legal to some place to shoot them?

Ivan Morris - November 23, 2018

I love this stuff. Thanks for all this great info. Keep it coming

Janet - November 23, 2018

Thanks Mike – I look forward to reading more from you. Do you have a book on rockets ??

Rod Reeves - November 23, 2018

Please send answers to 1-5 topics in your list. Will be starting up again in near future. Thank you, Rod PS Will be needing supplies from you after I complete 1-5.

Ken King - November 23, 2018

Hiya Folks,

This is very informative and reassuring and would like, for obvious reasons, that your office produce as much info as possible on staying legal to your readership !
I have a number of the complications listed above: storage, manufacturing complications ect ect ect. I circumvent those complications by making rockets in Mexico where I’ve a nice little place by the beach; the Laws here are a bit more relaxed to say the very least. But more to the point I’ve absolutely no interest in breaking the law and confident this sentiment is shared by many. I hope you make very serious effort and an implied obligation to educate & enlighten us fireworks fans as completely as possible!

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Kenneth King

Darrel McClintock - November 23, 2018

Well that pretty much sums everything up for me (minus cost and know-how). The legality has been an issue, especially since some home made stuff was mailed to Austin residents with fatal results in the not-so-distant past.

Bobby Campbell - November 23, 2018

Thanks for all info very awesome!

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