3D Print: Fuse Plug For TU2032 - Mini Shell *FREE DOWNLOAD*


Fuse plug for converting the TU2032 (.780" ID x 2" Length) into a small shell suitable for backyard displays. The fuse hole is compatible with 2-3mm visco fuse and some effect fuses. The fuse should be wrapped with masking tape to form a tight seal and retard side spit. Hot glue is recommended around the fuse to seal out fire.

The plug is a tight fit and can be used as-is for flying fish fuse or glued in place for use with a break charge.


Recommended Print Settings:

Layer Height: 0.3mm

Nozzle: 0.4mm

Side: 4-walls

Top and bottoms: 5-layers

Infill: 30-100%

Print Orientation: Widest Area Down

Designed By: Skylighter.com