Pyrotechnic Formulary - Over 2,500 pyrotechnic formulations


By Donald J. Haarmann

The Pyrotechnic Formulary contains 2,600+ pyrotechnic formulations, this is without a doubt the most complete and exhaustive collection ever published.

Includes formulas for every imaginable type of firework and pyrotechnic device; including dozens of formulas for every color, including fireworks recipes for purple, blue, red, gold, green, silver, gold, and dozens of variations in between.

You''ll find formulas for flash stars, crackle, glitter, strobes, and waterfall fireworks. On the minus side, there is no narrative or how-to information with any of the formulations.

A no-brainer reference for any serious pyrotechnician to own, but definitely not a book for beginners. 155 pages. Shipping weight 3 lbs.

Part # BK0078