Liquid Element E-match Dip Kit (9-volts required)

$49.99 /kit


Let's face it, handling microscopic Nichrome wire and soldering tiny chips is not for everyone. If you're into instant gratification and looking for the hands-down simplest way to make electric matches...this is it my friends.

Simply mix the two pre-measured bottles together, add a few drops of acetone or MEK to get the consistency right, then strip and dip some shooting wire to complete a finished e-match in seconds. It's never been this simple!

The trick to making this the simplest dip kit ever is the conductive pyrogen which acts as the bridge wire. So, no soldering chips, twisting microscopic wires, nothing like that...just strip and dip! Kit makes +400 igniters!


Requires 9 volts for ignition! 

Please Note: Wire sold separately. See Part #GN5012

(less than $0.13 per igniter!)


Part # GN5042