12 Cue Wireless Fireworks Firing System


There truly is nothing like pushing a button and watching the display fire rather than missing the show because you're running around lighting fireworks. Simply press a button and wow your audience. 

This system 12-cue Firing system features 3, 4-queue modules that can be placed near the fireworks making it far easier to set up your displays without having to run wires all around which you'll later trip over. The modules are programmable making it easy to fire from 2 modules in two different areas at the same time to create dramatic effect. 

If you're looking to dip a toe into e-firing pick up a 12 Cue Wireless Fireworks Firing System, and some e-matches and shooting wire so you're ready to put on the best display your guests have ever seen!

NOTE: The receivers can be used independently. If one fails, the others will continue to operate. This system is expandable.

Queues: 12
Part Number: FS1200