Skylighter E - Match Tester


So what's an e-match tester?

It's a circuit that safely tests the electrical path to ensure your e-match is correctly connected and not a dud. Just press the bare wire from your e-match or scab wire to the conductive flats and a light comes on if you have continuity. If the light is dim or out you have a problem. 

Our version 2.0 has an ultra-bright LED allowing for testing day or night. This improved tester has large conductive flats, making testing in the dark easy. The new version has industry-standard header pins allowing you to quickly test Talon and Quick-Connect e-matches with pre-installed connectors. Just plug in the e-match or igniter and you'll know instantly if there is an issue. 

It's cheap insurance to ensure your display functions as you planned, rather than an embarrassing failure on the big night.

PN: GN5005