Complete Electric Match Kit (1.5-volt performance)

$49.99 /kit

When you need commercial e-match compatibility and the highest performance the Complete Electric Match Dip Kit is perfect for you. With just a little bit of up-front assembly, you can make high-performing matches' at home.

The kit comes with everything needed to produce 50 igniters with 12” leads. Just solder the chip to the lead wire, mix the pre-measured pyrogen and dip the igniter.

The kit includes: 50 low-voltage element chips, shooting wire, and pre-measured ignition pyrogen. Enough to make 50 electric matches.

Includes EVERYTHING you need for E-Matches

Excellent for remote control use!  

Only needs 1.5 volts for ignition. 

Detailed assembly instructions can be found here

Part #GN5041