Visco Fuse "PRO" Assortment - (contains 7 rolls of fuse)


Selecting the right ignition fuse can be confusing. What speed do I need? How much of each type?

At Skylighter we like to keep it simple! So, removed all of the guesswork and created a package with the right fuse, in the right proportions.

The Visco Fuse "PRO" Assortment comes with 7 rolls of high-quality, 3mm. fuse, in 4 different speeds.

Each Fuse Assortment Contains:

  • 3 Rolls of "Green" Visco Safety Fuse (GN1006) - 60ft.
    Speed: 23-24 sec/ft.
  • 2 Rolls of "White" Quick Fuse (GN1207) - 40ft.
    Speed: 0.1-0.4 sec/ft.
  • 1 Roll of "Yellow" Fast Artillery Fuse (GN1100) - 20ft.
    Speed: 4-5 sec/ft.
  • 1 Roll of "Pink" Perfect, Medium Speed Fuse (GN1015) - 20ft.
    Speed: 9.5-10 sec/ft.

To buy all of this fuse a la carte it would cost you over $100! But by bundling them together you loose the guess work and gain a big discount.

Each roll of fuse is color coded to prevent confusion and accidents.
Green = Slow
Pink = Medium
Yellow = Fast
White = Quick \ Very Fast.


Part #KT0075