1/2" ID x 1-1/2" Length Tube - 100 Pieces


These spiral wound tubes are perfect for making box or pill-box stars. If you have never seen the effect of a pillbox star in the sky, you have missed one of the more spectacular fireworks effects. It is essentially a tube of paper with black match extending at least a half-inch from each end and running the entire length inside of the tube. This means that when you light the star it will burn from both ends and produce a larger flame envelope (visible burning area), and it will burn for several seconds. They are often loaded in rings in canister shells, break in beautiful rings and expand outwards while falling towards the earth. Absolutely beautiful!

Here are some formulas for pillbox stars to use with these tubes.

These tubes can also be used for shell inserts, go-getters and as small shells fired from a #00 mortar.

Dimensions: 1/2" ID x 1-1/2" Length x .080" Wall 5/8" OD, Open End Kraft Tubes

Part # TU2002