Visco Safety Fuse 4" x 100

Sold out

Length:  100 x 4" Pieces

Burn Rate: 23-24 sec/ft 

Part # GN1088

Diameter: 3/32" (3mm)

This visco is already cut into 4" pieces.  Bag of 100.

Visco Safety Fuse, also called, wick, and cannon fuse. Burns at about 23-24 seconds per foot.

Excellent, high quality fuse, lightly coated with nitrocellulose lacquer. Burns hot and gives a lot of fire.

Made in China

Remember: Fuse speed varies roll to roll. The actual burn time may be faster or slower than listed in the descriptions above. Be sure to burn and time a length of fuse to ensure the burn time is accurate for your application.