Aluminum, flake, firefly, mixed

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+40-325 mesh rectangular flat aluminum needles. 

"Mixed Firefly" can be used to produce a long hang-time "firefly" or transformation effect when used in the formulation supplied with the product. The wide range of particle sizes should produce a richer effect than standard Firefly Aluminum.

What are firefly stars?
Firefly stars produce a cloud of orange charcoal-sparks, with many silver flickering sparks flashing off and on, resembling fireflies on a hot summer night.



Firefly Composition

Potassium nitrate 49 parts
Airfloat charcoal 29 parts
80 mesh charcoal 11 parts
Sulfur 9 parts
Firefly aluminum 5 parts
Dextrin to taste (+5%)


Part #CH0155