Charcoal, Mixed-Mesh, 5-Pound Pack

$26.69 /5lb. Box

What is Mixed Mesh Charcoal?

As the name implies it's a mixture of small, fine, and extra-fine charcoal particles. It's not been screened into specific grades yet, it's a mix of everything.

It's mostly -100 mesh, but some 80 mesh, some 50 mesh, and some bigger bits. It really is a mix of mesh sizes from the ultra-fine to the occasional 4-mesh bits and maybe even bigger.

If you're making black powder you simply weigh out your charcoal as normal and mill it a little longer to ensure everything is Airfloat fine. 

If you're making fountains you may find that screening out fractions gives you the perfect mesh for long hang time sparks.

Or maybe you want to just load it all up in a blade-mill or ballmill and reduce it all to ultra-fine powder, Really it's up to you and that gives you a lot of flexibility.

Part #CH8070