Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

$6.72 /lb
(PVC) [(C2H3Cl)n] -200 mesh white powder

PVC is used as a chlorine (57%) donor (colored flame enhancer), fuel and as a binder in some rocket propellants. Solvent is methylene chloride.

Since different chlorine donors have different percentages of chlorine in them, and have different fuel values, they may not be interchangeable.

Colored rocket formulas using PVC: Red & Green tailed rocketsBlue Strobe RocketsCopper Powder Pyrotechnic Formulas For Green and Blue Fireworks Stars

Star formulas using PVC:
Degn Purple Star
Potassium Chlorate 64.86%
Strontium Nitrate 10.81%
Copper (II) Oxide 10.81%
Shellac 10.81%
PVC 2.70%

Shimizu Red Organic Star
Potassium Perchlorate 66%
Red Gum 13%
Strontium Carbonate 12%
Dextrin 5%
Lampblack 2%
PVC 2%

Part # CH8216