3 Pound (1") Stinger Missile Tool Set


Stinger Missile fireworks (sometimes called Zips) are spin-stabilized fireworks rockets that use black powder fuel. When you light them, the rocket spins, then flies up. They are gyroscopically stabilized; they don't need fins or sticks (Which makes them incredibly fast and easy to make).

Stingers are one of my personal favorite fireworks because I can make them fast and shoot them right away. No waiting for stars to dry. Using nothing more then a mallet, a drill and this stinger rocket kit, you can knock out a finished stinger in 5 or 6 minutes. Stinger rockets are really that easy to make. 

Stingers are also a perfect platform to experiment with. Add a pinch of titanium for an impressive tail or attach a comet or shell heading to really wow your audience. 

Your included spindle is tuned for black powder, but we have also flown them on colored rocket formulas, whistle fuel (nozzleless), and pressed black powder with micro stars to create long hangtime colored tails.

Stingers can be launched from a pin (nail, or similar thought a board) or my personal preference dropping them into a narrow mortar tube. 

This size stinger uses 3# (aka 1" ID) x 4" or 4-1/4" long parallel tubes. We sell Pre-cut 3# stinger tubes here, and un-cut 3# 36-inch long tubes you can cut to length here

Each Stinger Missile Tool Set Contains:

- Stainless steel "performance tuned" spindle for extra lift and payload capability.

- Solid Base machined from 6061 aluminum. The spindle is mounted with Allen head screws in the bottom to prevent the spindle from turning. The base has knurling machined on the sides for solid gripping and can be easily clamped to your workbench.

- One 5"-long hollow rammer.

- One 5"-long solid ram. 

- One 3/16" Allen Wrench  

- Drill Guide Sold Separately


Here is a free tutorial on how to Make Stinger Missile Rockets

Click for awesome Stinger Missile Videos 


Anatomy of a Stinger Missile:


Note: Rammers may be provided with knurling on the pull end or have holes drilled through for use with supplied T-puller bar. Both work equally well on these tools and we occasionally get them in either configuration. Image shows "T-puller."

If this is your first Stinger Tooling don't forget to order a drill guide to drilling perfect tangential holes every time here: Universal Stinger Missile Drill Guide.

In the unlikely event that you bend a spindle, extra spindles are available here.

Part #TL1610