4 Ounce Model Rocket Tool Set

$76.00 /set

This is the exact same toolset that is included with our Model Rocket Kit. We did extensive research to design a spindle that would create a high performance motor with hand mixed black powder packed into our 2.5 inch 4 ounce rocket tubes. If you have high quality black powder, motors made with this toolset will perform even better. These motors can be loaded into our model rocket fuselages or attached to a stick to create a magnum bottle rocket. Best of all, the short tube length makes it possible to bang out a motor in less than ten minutes. 

This set contains an aluminum base, aluminum spindle, one solid aluminum rammer, one hollow aluminum rammer. Both rammers are knurled to make them easier to extract from the rocket tubes. Each rammer is machined down a few thousandths in its center section to prevent it from getting stuck in the rocket tube during ramming. These tools are professionally made for us to our specifications.

Each Model Rocket Tool Set contains:

- Base and Spindle.
- One 4 1/4"-long hollow ram.
- One 3 3/4"-long solid ram.

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Part# (TL1030)