Skylighter was determined to be an essential business and has fully reopened. We have almost caught up on orders and most orders are shipping out the same day they are placed.

Update 3/24/20 @ 9AM:


IMPORTANT: It's been confirmed we will be able to come into the office for some hours each day to clear out the backlog of orders! Skylighter's staff will be processing the oldest orders first and working though the backlog as quickly as possible.

PLEASE do not call and ask if we can ship your order before everyone else, or call to check the status of an order. This only slows down the shipments for everyone and will not result in your order shipping any faster. Instead email us if you have a question. Trust us when we say getting the orders out is our highest priority.

We ask you email your questions to us so we can respond after-hours to prevent slowing down shipments.

We will keep the website updated as additional information becomes available.

As of 3/20/2020 @ 10:30 AM

Update: There is a possibility that we may be permitted "some" warehouse hours to clear pending orders. This has not been confirmed yet. When, and for how long, is unknown so we don't want to provide any false statements.

If the county allows for it, Skylighter will have our full crew in the warehouse processing your orders--in the order in which they have been received. As more information becomes available we will post updates here.

We are recommending placing your orders as normal, they will be processed as quickly as possible, and orders received first will be at the top of the shipping queue.

Update 3/19/2020 @ 8 AM:

San Luis Obispo County (where Skylighter's shipping warehouse is located) has issued a shelter in place order. All non-essential businesses have been told we have until 5 PM TODAY to make arrangements and lock the doors.

This means TODAY is the last day we can
ship your products until the order is lifted.

We are asking anyone who needs supplies to place your order ASAP!

We will work diligently to get as many orders packed and shipped as possible before we must lock the doors for an unspecified amount of time.

While Skylighter is closed you will still be able to place orders, and take advantage of sales, but we will not be able to ship until the order is lifted.

We will keep our website, Skylighter.com updated, and post any new information as soon as we hear any additional details.

We hope this will be a very temporary closure, and we look forward to when we can serve our customers again.

Yours in flames,
Mike Gerson