***Attention Flash/Boom Makers***

Making explosive devices (such as M-80's, Cherry Bombs, quarter sticks, silver salutes or any other type of aerial or ground explosive devices) without a Federal High Explosive Manufacturing (Type 20) license, state, and/or local licensing is considered a very serious offense by law enforcement people today. The World Trade Center, Oklahoma City, Atlanta, and other bombings are causing law enforcement people to pay closer and closer attention to anyone they believe may be a threat. At the same time, US Federal regulations prohibit Skylighter from selling kits or components that can be or are intended to be used to make exploding devices.
This means that if we sell you the any of the components of an M-80, we are considered to be in violation of those regulations ourselves. Consequently, if you attempt to order materials that we believe are intended for producing illegal explosive devices in any quantity, we will reject your order. If you attempt to do this repeatedly, we will cease all sales to you. We record your entire purchasing history. We check every incoming order against your purchasing history. So here's the bottom line: Skylighter is the wrong place to come to buy stuff to make boomers.

A/B Mixes

The restrictions above do not apply to pre-measured A/B mixes for use in stage, indoor, or outdoor concussion mortars or flash pots.

Limits On Sales of Flash Grade Aluminum to Individuals

Unless you can provide us with a current copy of your ATFE Type 20 High Explosives Manufacturing license, sales of dark and other flash grade aluminum to individuals will be limited to 1 pound per order, 2 pounds per year. Please do not bother sending us any other kinds of ATFE gun or explosive licenses: the only one that matters is Type 20, High Explosives Manufacturing.

Limits on Other Items

We will not sell flash grade aluminum, potassium perchlorate nor potassium chlorate to anyone on their first order.  At our discretion, we may also limit the sale of visco fuse, potassium perchlorate, potassium chlorate, tubes, and end plugs. While we have no set limits on these items, we will refuse orders for any amount we consider to be out of the ordinary. Orders for any other material for use in making exploding pyrotechnics may be refused at our discretion.
Purchasers whose sales history demonstrates a wide-ranging use of a variety of pyrotechnic materials will probably be supplied all the materials they request, including small quantities of materials primarily used to make exploding pyrotechnics: i.e., flash type aluminum, salute tubes, and oxidizers. If you want to buy these items in large quantity from us, you will have to either provide us with an ATFE Type 20, High Explosives Manufacting license or fall into the "Sales to Organizations" category. Except as noted elsewhere, there is no limitation on sales of other materials for general use in pyrotechnics.

First Time Customer Restrictions

If this is your first order with us, Skylighter will not sell potassium perchlorate, potassium chlorate, or dark aluminum to you on your first order. This is because most people ordering those items in their first order intend to use them for making illegal exploding devices (M80’s or similar devices). If you need one of those chemicals to make, say, whistle rockets, then you can still get what you need from us. Just order your fuel, rocket tubes, and tools one day and the perchlorate and any additional items later. Regretfully, increasing regulatory pressures cause us to police our incoming orders more than ever before. Therefore, Skylighter will refuse orders from anyone who either appears to be making illegal exploding devices or whose first order contains any of the chemicals listed above.