Skylighter Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Product Availability and Pricing

If you are trying to find any product on our site, you either search the categories showing on the left side of your screen, or you can use the Search box feature. Our website is our only "catalog" and outlet. We do not have stores or distributors elsewhere. Nor do we offer smaller or bulk quantities nor wholesale prices and discounts, other than what you see on our web site.

12 Month, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with any of our products for any reason whatsoever, you can return them for a full refund anytime within 365 days of the date of your invoice. We do not refund surcharges, insurance, expedite fees, or shipping costs.

Out of Stock Products or Items Missing From Your Shipment

We make every attempt to keep our entire inventory in stock all of the time. But from time to time we will be out of stock on certain items. Where possible, we note this on the web site along with an expected date that new inventory will be back in stock. Other times, we may be temporarily out of some item. Please tell us when you order if you want us to hold your order until all items are in stock, or if you want us to ship what we have right now. Items not shipped to you will show up on your invoice under a column labeled "B/O" (back ordered). Back-ordered items will be automatically shipped to you as soon as we get them in. Please keep in mind that your order may be shipped to you in more than one box. Whether shipped by mail or by UPS, these boxes may not be delivered on the same day.

Lost or Damaged Orders

If you insure your order, and your order is lost or damaged, we will replace those items at no cost to you. You will have to pay the shipping costs on the replacement order, however.

Orders do indeed get lost sometimes or damaged in shipment. For that reason, we strongly encourage you to insure your order. It costs almost nothing. If your order has not arrived within a reasonable time, please check first with your local post office or UPS office to see if they have attempted to deliver your order, or are holding it for some reason.

All Skylighter orders can be tracked. The day your order is shipped, we email you a shipping confirmation and a tracking number. If you insured your order, and you do not receive it with within 30 days, please contact us immediately.

Can Skylighter Ship To You?

Skylighter ships only to addresses in the US and its territories. If there are any restrictions on where a particular product can be shipped, they are shown with each product. If you don't see any restrictions, the product can be shipped to you. If you live outside the US, you can order from us, so long as you provide a US shipping address.

Is it Legal To Make Fireworks?

The US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) has repeatedly stated that you are not required to possess an explosives manufacturing license if all you want to do is make fireworks for your own use (with the exception of illegal exploding devices--M80s, etc.). The US Consumer Product Safety Commission's regulations prohibit anyone from making M80s, firecrackers, aerial salutes, or flash powder devices unless you have an ATF license. But non-exploding fireworks are basically legal to make in the US under Federal law.

State and local laws may be different, however. Skylighter's web site does not tell you whether it is legal for you manufacture fireworks or possess any of our products in the city, county, or state where you live. Unfortunately, we are not able to stay abreast of all the various state and local laws that may affect you. Before ordering from Skylighter or making any fireworks device, you should check your local and state laws before ordering from us.

What Will Shipping Cost?

You can get comparative shipping costs quickly by simply entering your order. If you want to know how fast you can receive a product, just proceed through the Checkout process until you see the Select Shipping Method screen. There you'll see what your shipping options are.

If you do not see the shipping option there, it is not available. Some products can only be shipped by ground. Some are not shippable at all. Shipping times vary depending on what you are shipping, and where you live.

How To Order Using Credit Cards

Use either the shopping cart or the Express Order feature if you already know the product numbers you want to buy. You can pick the shipping method you wish to use for each item, and the shopping cart will calculate your shipping costs for you. You can change shipping methods and compare costs. Then, if you wish to order, you can simply complete your order. The web site will let you pay for it by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express).

How To Get A Quote or To Send Your Order By Mail

At the same screen where you chose your credit card, you can print out a copy of your order and mail it to us with your payment. You can also use that printout for a pro-forma invoice or a quote.

Setting Up A New Account

If you are a first-time buyer on the Skylighter web site, or if you have ordered from Skylighter before, but did not place your previous order through the web site, you can set up an account, including a user name and password. It’s easy to do and the shopping cart will prompt you for everything needed, when you start the Checkout part of the process.


Skylighter does not share/rent/sell its customers' names with anyone. We do not report our sales to any government agency. We are not required to report your purchases of any items to any government or regulatory agency. We ARE required to provide sales records to investigating agencies when directed to do so by regulations or a court subpoena. We ARE required to show our records to some governmental agencies that are legally allowed to make spot checks and examine them periodically.

For Some Products, You Must Be 21 or Older

For certain products, Skylighter requires you to provide proof that you are 21 or older. If you place an order for age-restricted products without providing us with proof of your age, your order will not be shipped until we receive your ID.

Faxed ID’s are notorious for not being readable when we receive them. Please photocopy and enlarge your ID. Make sure your copy is absolutely, crystal clear before faxing it to us. Be sure and write your name, email address, and phone number on the fax, so that we can contact you to either confirm we received it, or let you know it was not readable.

Email or Address Changes

If you have changed your email address and/or your snail-mail address, please Login and update your account information. You can make any changes there.

Lost Your User Name and Password?

If you have ever ordered from the Skylighter web site before, but have forgotten your username and password, please click Login. Under "Lost your password" enter your email address and click on "Send Me My Password."

Technical Questions About Making Fireworks

If you have a question about making fireworks, we suggest you first check out the topics in the Project Plans listed in the Information section of the left navigation menu. Quite likely, there is an article or information there, which will answer any question you have. We also stock the most extensive inventory in the world of books and videos on making fireworks, special effects, and rockets. If you are not able to get your question answered on our web site or with our books and videos, you are certainly welcome to write and ask us. We do attempt to answer all emails that come to us, but unfortunately we are not able to answer all your technical questions right away. There are a number of fireworks and pyrotechnic newsgroups on the Internet, such as rec.pyro, where you will also be able to get all sorts of help and advice as well (see Fireworks Resources in the Information section on the left navigation menu).

Attention M80 and Flash Powder Makers

Making flash powder or devices using flash powder is a no-no. Depending on what you are doing and where you are doing it, it is likely to either be illegal in your state or against Federal regulations. So, Skylighter’s web site is programmed to recognize, reject, and record any orders for illegal M80 components or similar flash-powder based devices. Your order is evaluated, checked against your previous purchasing history (if any), and then compared to a profile of orders from people known to be making illegal flash-powder devices. If your order is rejected, it will usually be because your order and/or history matches that M80-maker profile.

To have your order accepted, you can change it by deleting the flash grade aluminum, potassium perchlorate, and/or potassium chlorate. Due to government restrictions on making illegal flash-powder devices, Skylighter does not allow first-time customers from buying flash grade aluminum or potassium perchlorate/chlorate unless they have a BATF Explosives Manufacturing license.