3" Straight 10-shot Mortar Rack (3 Pack)


3-Pack of 10-shot, light-weight, vertical mortar racks, perfect for adding 3-inch shells to your display without having to build racking. 

For some building mortar racks is a chore and they would prefer to spend their time working on the display rather than carpentry projects. Skylighter imported a test batch of lightweight, pre-built racks for those who would like to skip the sawdust and get right to setting up the display.

These racks are not the prettiest we have ever seen, but they are a great value and sturdy enough to get the job done for many displays. ...and let's be honest, in the dark no one is looking at the racks.

These racks are made from solid wood boards and offer a good compromise between strength and weight. Since the racks are lightweight we recommend supporting them with sandbags or similar bracing. But you should be doing that on any racks you use. 

Package contains 3, 10-shot racks.
Holds mortar tube size: 3-Inch

Racks do not contain tubes.
Be sure to order 30, 3-inch Fiberglass Mortar Tubes per 3-pack of racks here

SKU: RK3103