6 Inch Fiberglass Mortar Tube

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6 inch ID x 36 inches, approx. 1/4" wall, along with fiberglass resin plug in the bottom and structurally reinforced lip to prevent fraying. Weighs approx. 10 pounds. Colors may vary.

Use with PS2060 shell. Firing too small a shell from too large a tube can cause a low-break. Low breaks can cause personal injury or fires being started.

1 Piece

Part # PL3186 - 1 Tube per order.

Fiberglass is cheaper and lighter than HDPE. Our fiberglass mortars are made in China and are color-coded to make it easier to keep track of them when loading fireworks. If a shell detonates in a fiberglass mortar, the tube tends to shred and tear, and is much safer than metal tubes or PVC (which should never be used in fireworks, because it can produce dangerous shrapnel).