Atomized Glitter Aluminum Powder - Uncoated, 23 Micron (5-Pound Unit)

$73.15 /5lb. Box
+200-325 mesh, 23 micron average, uncoated, 5-Pound Box

This atomized aluminum powder works well in glitter compositions and in stars as a flame brightener. Also in ammonium perchlorate based solid rocket fuels.

Baechle 6 - Blue Star:
Potassium Perchlorate 30
Barium Nitrate 20
Parlon 20
Copper(II) Oxide, black 10
Aluminum, atom. spher. 23 micron 10
Hexamine 6
Red Gum 4

You can substitute lactose for the hexamine and screen slice these.


Part #ZCH0121 - 5# Unit