Aluminum, flake, dark, Indian Blackhead - 5 lb. Unit

$146.95 /5lb. Box

8 micron, coated.

Indian Blackhead aluminum is almost the same as German Blackhead. It has been said to be made with the same process and equipment used to make Blackhead in Germany in the 1950's.

Dark Aluminium is ideally suited to many fireworks and pyrotechnic tasks such as these:

  1. Mixed with thermite comps, it can make thermite faster and easier to ignite.

  2. Used in star and comet priming compositions to make stars easier to ignite.

  3. Used to make colored stars brighter.

  4. Used to make white or silver stars, often mixed with other aluminums.

  5. Included with other aluminum powders in waterfall compositions.

  6. Used to make "slow-flash" burst powder in aerial shells.

  7. Used to make burst powders in small shells, crossette comets, and other shell inserts.

  8. Used in exploding targets to make them more reliable and give the explosion a sharper sound.

That's just a few. The list of uses for dark aluminum goes on and on.

Truth is, any well-stocked pyro chemical chest needs to have a few pounds of dark aluminum.


Part #CH0144

* 5 lb. UNIT *