Benzoate Whistle Chemical Kit


Buying this combination saves you 20% vs. buying the chemicals separately. Kit ships in 2 boxes.

All the chemicals you need to make Benzoate whistle fuel for super loud whistles and rockets:

- Potassium Perchlorate, 5 pound
- Sodium Benzoate, 2 pound
- Charcoal, 80-mesh 1 pound
- Copper Oxychloride, 1 pound

NOTE: This is whistle fuel only. If you want to make whistle rockets, you will need to add rocket tubes and whistle rocket tools, as well.

This Whistle Kit performs best on a long spindle rocket tool set.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Do not attempt to make any kind of whistle device without a rocket press. Whistle composition is SHOCK SENSITIVE. Ramming (hammering) whistle composition into a tube can result in a catastrophic explosion.

Part # KT1111

Formula for Benzoate Whistle Mix:

Potassium Perchlorate  69.7%
Sodium Benzoate  21%
Charcoal, 80-mesh  4.6%
Copper Oxychloride, 1%
Mineral Oil  3.7%