Black Powder Expert's Library

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Black Powder Expert''s Library

Making your own black powder is virtually the cornerstone of fireworks making.

Making it?

Yes, we have to make it vs. buy it. Fact is, most of us will never be able or willing to buy the black powder (BP) we need for our fireworks. There are several reasons.

BP has now become very hard to buy in small or large quantities. There are fewer and fewer vendors locally, where you can find it. And you will never find all the different grades you need. You can buy some of the grades online, but it''s just too expensive for even casual fireworks making. And again, without a Federal explosives license, you can''t even acquire the types of BP you really need. Some of the BP grades sold for black powder hunting will work in some pyrotechnic uses, but you will still be missing grades that you need.

The Black Powder Expert''s Library is a collection of the four most important books currently in print for learning to make excellent quality black powder: These are the 4 books you will need once you decide to make your own black powder.

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