1/4 Inch Time Fuse

$22.57 /10ft

Length: 10 Feet 

Burn Rate: 2 sec/in

Part # GN2010

Diameter: 1/4" (6.35mm)

1/4 inch time fuse is commonly used inside fireworks shells to give a reliable, timed source of ignition to the inside of the firework shell. This allows the shell to burst right at apogee.

Time fuse is relatively difficult to light and should always be cross-matched to maximize the chances of ignition. You can use GN1010 Cross-Match Visco, or harvest black match from either Quickmatch or GN1205 Superfast Paper Fuse.

This high quality, Chinese made, time fuse burns at about 3 seconds per inch and works well for 7/32" size fuse holes.

Time fuse can also be used to fuse together fireworks shells in a display, giving a reliable time delay between the ignition of the shells.

A Note About Fuse Burn Times
The burn rates and times given for different fireworks fuses are approximate. They will vary from one fuse batch to the next, and even within one roll of fuse. If burn time is critical for you, you should always test-burn and time a length of the fuse you are using, before you rely on it. We advise timing at least one foot of any fireworks fuse, where timing is important.