1 Pound (3/4-Inch) Core Burner Black Powder Rocket Tool Set

$140.24 /set

1 Pound Black Powder Rockets are easy to make. You can make them fast using this black powder rocket tooling and a simple mallet--no expensive press required.

These rockets use 3/4" ID x 7.5"-long parallel tubes. You can get them pre-cut or cut your own to save money.

Please noteThe sets that we have in stock at this time have a round base and t-handle for easy extraction.

Each Black Powder Rocket Tool Set contains:
- Base and spindle. The spindle is mounted with allen-head screw through the bottom. The base can be easily clamped to your workbench.

- One 7.5"-long hollow ram with nozzle former.

- One 7.25"-long hollow ram.

- One 5.5"-long hollow ram.

- One 4.5"-long solid ram.

Here is how to Make Black Powder Rockets. Even though these instructions are for a smaller rocket, they still work for this size rocket.

Part #TL1211