Crackling Falling Leaf Fuse - Gold 3mm / 20ft


Falling Leaves Fuse is cut to 1/2"-1" lengths and used as stars inside of shells. Falling leaves fuse simulates the slowly falling traditional falling leaves stars. This fuse burns a lovely golden color and is enhanced with crackling micro stars to produce a lovely effect in the sky. No simpler way to produce lovely shells than using pre-made falling leaves fuses.

The traditional method of making falling leaves stars is dipping bamboo, balsa, or other light wood "chips" in pyrotechnic composition usually via many layers then applying a fireproofing to control the burn from one side to the other. This painstaking process is done away with using "Falling leaves Fuse" since it is simply cut to length and dipped in prime either individually or in bundles.

Speed Rate: 30-35 sec per foot

Diameter: 3mm

Roll length: 20ft

Part Number: GN1047