Incomplete Book of Girandolas


By Tom Dimock

Girandolas are flying horizontal wheels. They are some of the most spectacular fireworks being made today. Much of the interest in girandolas in the United States today is owed to Bill Kimbrough''s adventures in Mexico and learning the craft from the Mexican masters. Tom and Bill have both entered girandolas in competition at PGI conventions in recent years. This book is the result of the work that Tom has done in learning the craft of making these spectacular devices. Tom covers making the frame, the drivers, special effects to add to the wheel, construction techniques, ignition, fusing, timing, launching, and sources of supply. This is an unusually well done book for a self-published pyrotechnic manual. Many excellent and clear photographs and diagrams. There is a lot here. Invaluable and unique, this is an excellent companion book to Tom''s video on Girandola Construction. 8-1/2 inches x ll inches. 50 pages, softcover. Shipping weight 1 lb.

Part # BK0045