Nitrocellulose Solid

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Nitrocellulose Solid ( or "NC") - 12% Nitrogen

1 Lb. makes up to approximately 4 gallons of solution
Dissolve in Acetone, Acetate or MEK to make your own Nitrocellulose Lacquer.

This nitrocellulose solid is a fluffy fibrous, cotton-like, substance that must be shipped in water. To make your own nitrocellulose lacquer, simply dry it out in a tray under dry airflow then dissolve 1 to 1.75 oz. Nitrocellulose per Quart of Acetone.

For an extra thick concentrate, mix 3.5 oz. of Nitrocellulose per Quart of Acetone.

Maximum absorption is approximately 4.5 to 5.0 oz. NC per quart of Acetone for a jelly-like viscosity.

The benefit of solid NC over a pre-made lacquer is you can set the concentration to what you need.
  • Binding smoke stars, make a 3-5% solution
  • Binding stars a 6-15% solution
  • Making ematches or dragon eggs a 10% solution
  • Coating fuse mix up a heavy 15-20% solution
It's very versatile compared to tracking down and buying different "cuts" for various applications. Plus, you can more easily control the working time with your choice of solvents. I prefer Acetone or MEK for a fast dry time, but I can add some Methanol to slow down drying when I need more work time (for instance when making ematches and sparklers) or I can switch to pure Acetone when making comets or smoke stars and want a lightning fast dry time.

NOTE: When your NC is completely dry it will freely break apart and become quite dusty. If the material is still holding its shape then it is not yet dry. Take a small sample and perform a test burn. If the material does not burn in a bright orange "poof" -- leaving behind no ash -- it is still wet and should continue drying.

Part #CH8197