Potassium Nitrate, technical grade crystals, 10 lb. Unit

$64.90 /10lb Box

** 10 Pound Box. **

Potassium Nitrate is the most commonly used oxidizer in fireworks. It is used to make black powder, rocket fuel, stars/comets, primes, glitter and spark-producing formulations.

This is very high quality, 99.4-99.7% pure technical grade potassium nitrate, manufactured by Haifa. The mesh size is about 35-120, and its consistency is like granulated sugar. Use as is if you are ball milling it to make black powder, or it can be easily fluffy-milled with a cheap coffee and spice grinder.

This new nitrate is superior in purity and power to the old SQM tech grade and prilled products we used to carry. it comes with 0.0025% anticake, which will not affect your fireworks or black powder.

** 10 Pound Box. **

Part #ZCH5304