Rubber Stars Prime Kit

$39.97 /kit
If you are making rubber fireworks stars, you will need to prime them. This kit has all the chemicals you'll need to make a hot prime that's perfect for rubber stars.

Each kit contains:
- Potassium Perchlorate, 1 pound (#CH5400) 
- Magnalium, 1/2 pound
- Charcoal, Airfloat, 1 pound (#CH8068)
- Potassium Nitrate, 1 pound (#CH5304)
- Red Gum, air milled, 0.1 pound (#CH8230)
- Sulfur, 1 pound (#CH8315)

If you use one of Skylighter's rubber stars kits, and our stainless steel star-making screens, this kit has everything in it you need to prime those stars.

Click here for Rubber Stars Priming instructions.


Part #KT1090