Smokes: The How & The Why - DVD


US Army pyrotechnic expert, Dr. Joe Domanico, discusses making smoke to be used in fireworks and how it is done. Here’s how Joe begins: color - visibility - duration - persistence -volume. Those are the characteristics you must learn how to produce and control. Joe tells you all about loading force vs. burn time; burn time vs. fuel/binder ratio; burn time vs. exit orifice diameter; burn time vs. granule size; catalyst effects in burn time. Then: inorganic-based colored smoke mix, red dye based smoke, yellow, green, and violet smoke dyes. Then he goes into a step-by-step procedure for shortening burn time in smoke fireworks. It’s an hour-long video of the stuff you need to mix and make smoke devices, even how to make peanut butter smoke!

Part # VD0157D