Sodium Benzoate, Prill Form

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[NaC7H5O2] - Prill Form

Sodium benzoate is used as a fuel in making whistle composition in rockets and as a booster for shell burst charges. Sodium Benzoate comes in the highest quality, but comes in prill form and will need to be blade-milled in a coffee grinder or bullet blender before use.

Prilled benzoate is sometimes preferred by fireworks makers because it remains free flowing in storage, and is priced far less then it's air-milled counterpart. It's the most economical option for pyros who don't mind a quick, easy pre-processing step before use.

Sodium Benzoate Whistle Mix
Potassium Perchlorate 70
Sodium Benzoate (-325 mesh) 30
Iron Oxide, Red +1
Petroleum Jelly


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