Visco Fuse "MASTER" Assortment - (contains 11 rolls of fuse)


Selecting the right ignition fuse can be confusing. What speed do I need? How much of each type?

At Skylighter we like to keep it simple! So, removed all of the guesswork and created a package with the right fuse, in the right proportions.

The Visco Fuse "MASTER" Assortment comes with 11 rolls of high-quality, 3mm/2mm. fuse, in 7 different speeds. You can be the one to own every fuse that Skylighter owns. This is for the person who wants to mess around with lots of fuse or the person that just needs a TON of fuse to feed their addiction!

Each Fuse Assortment Contains:

  • 4 Rolls of "Green" Visco Safety Fuse (GN1006) - 80ft.
    Speed: 23-24 sec/ft.
  • 2 Rolls of "White" Quick Fuse (GN1207) - 40ft.
    Speed: 0.1-0.4 sec/ft.
  • 1 Roll of "Yellow" Fast Artillery Fuse (GN1100) - 20ft.
    Speed: 4-5 sec/ft
  • 1 Roll of "Pink" Perfect, Medium Speed Fuse (GN1015) - 20ft.       Speed: 9.5-10 sec/ft.
  • 1 Roll of "Purple" Medium Artillery Fuse (GN1016) - 20ft.               Speed: 4.5-5 sec/ft.
  • 1 Roll of "Dark Green" Fat Cake Fuse (GN1017) - 20ft.                    Speed: 12-15 sec/ft.
  • 1 Roll of "Light Green" Small Cannon Fuse (2mm) (GN1018) - 20ft. Speed: 24.5-25 sec/ft.

To buy all of this fuse a la carte would cost you $164.89. But by bundling them together you'll have everything you'll for an epic show and save 20%!!!

Each roll of fuse is color coded to prevent confusion and accidents.

Green = Slow

Light Green = Slow

Dark Green = Slow / Medium

Purple = Medium

Pink = Medium

Yellow = Fast

White = Quick / Very Fast.


Part #KT0076