White Kamuro & Electric Fizzball Spanish Star Kit


Have you heard of “The Spanish Papers”?

Recently recovered from a source unknown, “The Spanish Papers” are a sacred collection of firework formulas thought to have been lost forever! Since their rediscovery pyrotechnicians have been enjoying the Spanish formulas for rich, colorful stars and amazing spark effects created by different types of titanium! 

Kit includes enough chemicals to make 4 pounds of stars!

- Potassium Nitrate, 3 pounds (#CH5300)

- Charcoal, 1 pound (#CH8068)

- Sulfur, 1 pound (#CH8315)

- Titanium 20-200 mesh, 1 pound (#CH3112)

- Titanium 200-325 spherical, 1 pound (part number may vary)

- Dextrin, 1 pound (#CH8107)


Click here for Spanish Star formulas and instructions 


Part #KT1053