Fireworks Electric Firing Systems

Wireless Fireworks Firing System

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Skylighter has many options for the electrical firing of fireworks. From a wired capacitive discharge unit, electric match blanks, heads, dip kits and electric match testers. The documents below will show you how to use our various electrical fireworks ignition systems and make electric matches with Skylighter products.

How Electrical Fireworks Ignition Works

No matter if your show is big or small setting up an electrically fired display requires a little know-how and some basic components. Reading though this page will help get you up to speed on the know-how. The basic components of an electrically fired display are: Electric matches (made with Skylighter dip-kit and Skylighter electric match blanks), Shooting wire, and an electrical fireworks ignition system. The process is pretty simple: secure fireworks in their intended location. Attach electric matches to the fuses supplied with the fireworks. Attach a length of shooting wire to the electric match to extend it back to where the electrical fireworks ignition system is. Connect the shooting wire to the appropriate cue. The proceeding steps are repeated until all fireworks have been connected to the electrical fireworks ignition system.

In the graphic below we are using two electrical fireworks ignition systems so we have more cues and can spread the fireworks over a greater distance.

Electrical Fireworks Ignition System Wiring Diagram

Electrical Fireworks Ignition Systems

Electrical fireworks ignition systems are a great way to shoot a firework show. No more running around lighting fuses, you can sit back, push buttons and watch the show.

Instructions and Troubleshooting Electrical Fireworks Ignition Systems

How To Make Electric Matches

Before you can wire up your display you'll need electric matches. With Skylighter's electric match dip kit you can make reliable electric matches at home quickly and easily. Using the Skylighter electric match dip kit is highly recommended but if you're a real do-it yourselfer you may want to first read though some of our electric match making projects. Electric Match Accessories
  • Electric Match Tester
    Battery powered continuity tester designed to test electric matches prior to attaching to any device.
  • Shooting Wire
    2-wire, solid copper, 22 gauge. Sometimes called zip wire, scab wire, or pyrotechnic wire. Used for connecting electric matches to slats or to electrical fireworks ignition systems.

Electrical Fireworks Ignition System Tips

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