Firefly Aluminum Powder Rocket Composition

John Dudley sent this in. Thanks John.

Firefly Aluminum Rockets

Ball mill the lampblack, sulfur and potassium nitrate together for two hours, just like making black powder. Next, mix in the firefly aluminum powder and boric acid. Make regular black powder sky rockets with this. Use a NONE SPARKING material to ram the sky rockets. Makes a long streak of firefly aluminum powder sparks mixed with red/orange sparks from the slowly burning lampblack. This is a VERY fun sky rocket composition to mess around with. Like any other pyrotechnic devise, experimentation is required when using this sky rocket mixture. Be careful!!!

Firefly Sky Rocket Composition (parts by weight)
Potassium nitrate 75
Lampblack 15
Sulfur 10
Firefly aluminum 6
Boric acid 3
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