Whistle Rockets - Power vs. Noise

Red iron oxide results in more noise, while Copper Oxychloride gives you more power.

Here's one formula option you can try:

Chemical % 64 ounce batch 1800 grams
Potassium Perchlorate 0.66 42.25 ounces 1188 grams
Sodium Salicylate 0.29 18.55 ounces 522 grams
Red Iron Oxide 0.01 0.65 ounces 18 grams
Mineral Oil 0.04 2.55 ounces 72 grams
Total 1.00 64 ounces 1800 grams

You can replace the Red Iron Oxide with Copper Oxychloride if you want more power!

Because the fuel is so powerful, they do require some special handling. You cannot make them the same way you do the more forgiving black powder rockets.

Do not EVER attempt hand-ram whistle rockets using a mallet. Do not attempt to drill into them.

Doing either can cause a catastrophic explosion.

You do not make them the same way you do the more forgiving black powder rockets. The rocket fuel used in these babies is a powerful explosive.

things you're gonna need:

1. Knowledge - You need to know how to safely make whistle fuel, how to press the fuel into the tubes (and how NOT to). If you're new to whistles, first read the tutorial from Ned Gorski How to Make Whistle Mix.

2. A Rocket Press - You can't whack whistle mix. You cannot ram whistle mix like you can black powder. Well, to be honest, you actually can whack it once, but not everybody gets a second chance. Instead of hammering whistle into tubes, you must use a press. And for your first press, you can easily modify an inexpensive arbor press. Just use Ned Gorski's project for making an arbor rocket press.

3.Whistle Tooling - You HAVE to use tools to make whistles. You cannot drill into whistle mix, as you can with black powder. Skylighter's professional grade whistle rocket tool sets include an aluminum base, hollow rammer, & solid rammer, and a stainless spindle. You can get your own set of tools here.

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