How to Make Fireworks


4-inch Daylight Shells for Beginners

  Have you ever wondered how to make a simple daylight effect shell without using sensitive, sometimes toxic, chlorate based smoke star compositions? Well, you're not alone! Over the years I often wondered how a fireworker could make a simple,...

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Titanium Lightning Bolt Instructions

This project originally appeared in “Best of AFN IV.” We’ve made a few changes, specifically Titanium as our metal of choice. Instructions: First, the pyrotechnic composition is made by mixing granulated metal with a good Black Powder. In our video...

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Shell and Rocket Training Kit Instructions

How to Make Black Powder, Rockets, and Aerial Shells This kit is actually 3 fireworks lessons rolled into one project. And, you can use all 3 parts together. The goal with this Rocket-Shell Kit is to provide you the fastest,...

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8-Shot Fiberglass Fireworks Mortar Racks

Learn the Easy Way to Make Versatile8-Shot Fiberglass Fireworks Mortar RacksJust Like These... If you plan to shoot a backyard display this year there is a good chance you'll be buying some shell kits to punctuate your show. Every year...

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How To Make Black Powder Rockets

By John Werner One of the most enjoyable pyrotechnic devices a person can make and become proficient at is the black powder rocket. Many reasons contribute to its attractiveness: it can be made and shot immediately; the chemicals used are...

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It's the dead of winter. You want to make fireworks--"something," just to smell the smoke. Perhaps you'd like to entertain the party-goers with a pretty device. You'd like to light up the night as the crowd looks out into the...

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