The Black Friday Turbo Pyro Sale Is Over

Sorry, The HUGE Black Friday
Turbo Pyro Sale Has Ended

Thank you everyone who made this sale an astounding success!

The Turbo Pyro Kit was designed to help anyone quickly and easily learn to make fireworks. Compressing years of learning, trial and error into a fun weekend. 

Even if you missed the sale you can still get a kit while we have some left by clicking on the button below. The Kit is an amazing value at any price and will save you both time and money on your fireworks making journey!

If you want to start making your own fireworks right away, the fastest, cheapest, and most surefire way to do it is by getting the Turbo Pyro Supplies Kit.

The Kit contains all of the pyro supplies you need to make the 92 individual fireworks in the 10 projects in your free Turbo Pyro eBook.

With this kit you can create:

  • Black Powder for Fireworks
  • 3/8-Inch Pumped Stars and Star-Mines
  • Flying Fish Fuse Mines
  • Silver Spark Tube-Sparklers
  • Orange and Silver Fountains
  • Color Changing Wheels
  • Magnum Bottle Rockets
  • Helicopters
  • Stinger Missiles
  • Hummers and Whirlwinds
  • Festival Ball Aerial Shells!

If you purchased all the supplies and tools contained in the Kit from Skylighter or elsewhere you could expect to pay $500, $600 or more.

 Learn to make fireworks the fast and easy way!

Hands down, the Turbo Pyro book and supplies system is the least expensive way you can join the thousands of happy fireworks makers in the US today.

With the Turbo Pyro Supplies Kit, Custom Combination Tool and Instructional eBook you will learn how to create 10 types of fireworks in a single weekend.

This kit easily compresses a full year worth of fireworks learning, trial and error into one fun weekend. There truly is nothing like Turbo Pyro anywhere at any price.

So, click the button below and get started making amazing fireworks that will wow your friends and family.

Remember, I personally guarantee you'll be happy. If you're not, just return any unused parts of your Turbo Pyro Supplies Kit anytime within 365 days for a full refund. And keep the Turbo Pyro downloadable book as my gift to you.
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