2.5-inch Paper Ball Shell Kit


Do you want to learn how to start making paper shells like a pro? This kit contains enough 2.5-inch paper shell parts and fuse to make 40 shells. It comes with 10 tubes and bases so you will have enough mortars to shoot 10 shells simultaneously. Just pick up one of our black powder kits and star kits and you will have everything you need. 

Each kit contains:

- 10 #100 Mortar Tube (TU2238)
- 10 Plastic Base #100 (PL3010)
- 2 bags of 2.5 inch Paper Shells 20/bag (PS2025)
- 1/4 Inch Time Fuse,10 foot (GN2012)
- Slow Visco Fuse, 10 foot 
- 4 Bags of Quick White Fuse, 20 foot 
- 2 Rolls 1" Wide Gummed Kraft Tape (MS1501)

*Note Stars & Black Powder not included 

If you don't already have a Black Powder Kit and Star Kit let me recommend:

For full instructions on how to make 2.5" ball shells CLICK HERE!