4 oz. Black Powder Rocket Kit


This spectacular black powder rocket is easy to make. Adding titanium gives the normally orange tail a bright silvery finish. 

Each kit contains a professionally made tool set and enough supplies to make 50 black powder rockets:
- Potassium Nitrate, 2 pounds, (#CH5304) 
- Airfloat Charcoal, 1 pound, (#CH8068) 
- Sulfur, 1 pound, (#CH8315) 
- 4 oz. Parallel Tubes, 50, (#TU1029) 
- Bentonite Clay, 1 pound, (#CH8078) 
- Titanium Spherical, 40 grams, (#ZCH3006) 
- Visco Fuse, 30 ft, (#GN1008) 
- 4 oz. black powder core burner toolset: 1 aluminum base, a stainless steel spindle, 1 solid and 2 hollow rammers with no pass lines (#TL1204) 

You save 20% off the retail prices of the individual components when you buy this kit.

You can use hand-made black powder with this kit (but be sure and follow our project instructions closely). You definitely do not need a ball mill.

If you're going to hand-make your black powder rocket fuel, you'll be using several screens--40-mesh, 4-mesh, and 10-mesh screens. If you don't already have them, you can get them here at Skylighter. You'll also need a blade-type coffee mill (cheap at WalMart).

Now, if you want to make black powder easier, faster, and with less work, a ball mill is the way to go (use lead balls to mill your BP). You can definitely crank out more BP with far less work and hassle this way.

You can fly your black powder rockets day or night, with or without a heading. Flying Fish fuse and Falling Leaves fuse make a great, light-weight heading.

Learn How to Make 4 oz. Black Powder Fireworks Rockets.