Plasma Cutter Fireworks Fountain Kit


These brilliant red fireworks fountains can be made in minutes and used immediately. This is one of the best kits to use to learn fireworks making. That's because many other types of fireworks employ the same techniques used to make these fountains. 

These fountains can be made with just a bright red fire-spray, or optionally with bright silver titanium sparks. You get all the chemicals, tubes, and fuse needed to make 20 Plasma Cutter Fountains. They're very safe and quiet.

 Each kit contains:

- 20 Cardboard Tubes, 1/2-inch ID x 5" long (#TU1029)
- 4 oz. Strontium Nitrate (#CH5543)
- 0.15 lb. Parlon (#CH8210)
- 0.10 lb. Red Gum (#CH8230)
- 0.30 lb. Magnalium, 200 mesh, (#CH2073)
- 1 lb. Bentonite Clay (#CH8077)
- 10 ft. Visco Fuse (#GN1008)
- 40 grams Titanium Powder (#CH3006)

You'll need to supply a store-bought fountain toolset. Or you can quickly make the wooden fountain tooling described in the project plan. You will also need an inexpensive blade-type coffee mill, if you don't already have one. You'll also need a 40 mesh screen to remove the coarse magnesium chips from the supplied magnesium-aluminum powder, and for screening the fountain composition.

You do not need a ball mill. This composition is hand-mixed dry. There is no wait time after making a fountain. 

Click here to read the Plasma Cutter Fountain instructions.

Part # KT0200