Red Screen Sliced Stars Kit

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Make red rubber stars using the screen-slicing method--the fastest way to make fireworks stars ever invented. You can make 2.5 lbs. of brilliant red, rubber stars from scratch in 3 hours or less.

You can test burn these stars even before they are dry. They dry in 2-3 hours, which means you can use them in your fireworks the same day you make the stars. No other method for making fireworks stars is this fast.

Each kit contains:
- Magnalium, 1/2 pound (#CH2079)
- Strontium Nitrate, 2 pounds (#CH5543)
- Parlon, 1 pound (#CH8210)
- Red Gum, air milled, 0.5 pound (#CH8230)
- 3-Mesh Framed Screen (#TL2051)

This kit makes enough stars for approximately 20, 1.75" mines, 15, 3" ball shells or 6 4" ball shells. These stars do not have to be primed but to ensure ignition use a Hot Prime. If you don't already have the chemicals to prime your rubber stars, you can save about 20% by getting the Rubber Stars Prime Kit.

Check out the project so you can learn How to Make Red Rubber Stars in 3 hours or less yourself.


PART #KT1005