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When making many fireworks devices using tubes, you will need to cover the end somehow. Skylighter offers a variety of different types of fireworks plugs, disks, and caps to do this. Which do you use for what? Well that would be a long conversation if covered completely, but let's look at the basics.

End disks. A fireworks end disk is a thick circle of cardboard, called binder's board, used in canister shell building, and to cover the ends of tubes. In canister shell making, they are often used in conjunction with kraft paper and glue and may not be directly on the tube. If applied directly to a tube, there are some that fit inside the tube and some that fit over the tube. Be sure of which way you want to go and match the disk to the tube's ID or OD as appropriate. Disks come with and without holes. The hole sizes are made to match standard time fuse diameters. If making canister shells, you will probably want to order some disks with holes and some without.

End plugs. A fireworks end plug is a relatively thin piece of cardboard pressed into a cup shape. It fits into (plugs) a tube. It is not suitable to use as the base plug in any kind of mortar. Usually you would use white (Elmer's or carpenter's) glue to hold and seal it. Be sure to match your plug size to your tube's ID.

End caps. A fireworks end cap is the same as a plug, but is designed to fit over the outside of a tube. Usually you would use white (Elmer's or carpenter's) glue to hold and seal it. Be sure to match your cap size to your tube's OD.

End Disks

Kraft paper has about twice the strength of chipboard. Kraft paper has longer fibers, chipboard is mostly recycled, shorter fibers. Unless noted otherwise, our disks are sold only in bags of 50 disks.

End Plugs

Pressed heavy paper construction. End plugs fit inside the tube, as opposed to end caps which fit over the tube. plugs.

End Caps

Pressed heavy paper construction. End caps fit over the top of the tube, versus end plugs which fit inside the tube. Unless noted otherwise, our caps are sold only in bags of 250 caps.

Wood Plugs

Wood plugs are used to plug the ends of large mortars. Our plugs are cut from solid wood. They are 1.5 inches thick. The "top" has a beveled edge to make it easier to insert into your mortar. The best way to install them is to first apply white/carpenter's glue to the rounded edge of your plug. Then hammer each plug into your paper or HDPE mortar until it is flush with the bottom of the mortar. They will usually be a snug fit. Then screw between 2 and 4 sheet rock screws through the mortar into the plug. For mortars up through 6 inches, use one plug in the bottom. For 8 inch and larger mortars, we suggest using two plugs, one on top of the other.